Freedom of Information Policy 2020

Information available from the Parish Council under the model publication scheme.

You can also download this as a PDF here.

Draft Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme approved by the Parish Council at its meeting held on 12.2.2020

The Freedom of Information Act requires local authorities to make available to the public certain types of information which it holds, and the methods by which this information is accessible.

Most information is published on the Parish Council’s website ( Other information can also be found in the parish magazine and on the bus shelter notice board in the Square.

If required hard copies of information can be obtained from the Parish Clerk at a cost of £0.20 per sheet (black and white only) and can be posted if requested – Royal Mail standard 2nd class stamp.

Information to be published

How the information can be obtained

Who we are and what we do

Who’s who on the Council
Contact details for Parish Clerk and Council Members

Parish magazine Website
Hard copy

Hard copy Parish magazine

What we spend and how we spend it

Current and previous financial year annual accounts Certificate of Exemption from external audit (currently local authorities with an expenditure and/or income of less than £25,000 per annum)
Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statement Bank reconciliation
Notice of period for the exercise of public rights

Annual Internal Audit report
Analysis of variances in income and expenditure

Finalised budget and precept set Financial Regulations of the Council Grants obtained

Hard copy
Notice board – exercise of public rights

Website Hard copy

Website Hard copy

Website Hard copy

Website (via the accounts and Minutes of meetings)
Hard copy

What our priorities are and how we are doing

Annual report to Parish Meeting – current and previous year

Website Hard copy

How we make decisions

Timetable of meetings – current year
Agendas of meetings – current and previous year Minutes of meetings – current and previous year Brief report of most recent meeting

Responses to planning decisions – included in the Council’s Minutes – as above

Website Hard copy

Web site
Hard copy
Notice board (latest meeting only)

Web site Hard copy

Published in the Maldon Standard newspaper (monthly) and also in the parish magazine
Web site

Web site Hard copy

Our policies and procedures

Procedural Standing Orders

Code of Conduct (The Parish Council has adopted the Code of Conduct of Maldon District Council)

Policy statements – current: Risk Assessments Complaints Procedure Publication Scheme

Privacy Notice and General Data Protection Policy

Web site Hard copy

Hard copy
Maldon District Council website

Web site Hard copy

Lists and Registers

Assets register
Register of Members’ Interests

Web site Hard copy

Web site. These are published on Maldon District Council’s website and can be accessed via the Parish Council website. Hard copy

The services we offer

Playing field and recreational facilities
Bus shelters
Seating, litter bins, dog waste bins Defibrillators (The Square and Maldon Road) Allotments

Website (Assets Register) Hard copy